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Burton Ale

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Burton Ale


Burton Ale is Deans Brothers Brewing Co.ís flagship beer. Bill Deans has been brewing Burton Ales since he was 18.

At 18, Bill spent time living in a small village in England. The village had one butcher, one baker, one small shop that also doubled as the local post office and two pubs.

Bill discovered that Michelob, Mickey's Big Mouths and Coors werenít the best beers in the world. He fell in love with the English Pale Ales & the English Pubs. He was taught how to brew and acquired two cultures that would change his life.

Of the two cultures Bill acquired, the first was a yeast that was supposed to be the same yeast that Worthington had used for the primary fermentation of its famous White Shield. Whether or not that was true, it is an exceptional yeast that creates the most perfect English pale ales with fruity and pear notes.

The second culture was a Ginger Beer Plant. You can read more about the Ginger Beer Plant and Real Ginger Beer on our Real Ginger Beer page.

Burton-On-Trent is the birth place for all pale ales. The water was perfect. In the eleventh century, Burton Abbey produced great beers. After a few hundred years of brewing, Burton Abbey became very famous for their ales. When the Abbey closed in 1540, a local family took over the brewing. They helped establish local barley growing & malting and encouraged local brewing at the many Burton-On-Trent inns.

When coke made from coal became available, the malted barley no longer was dark and smokey. This allowed for the brewing of pale ales. With the building of new roads & canals, Burton-On-Trentís Pale Ales became a big export. Now, with better access to London as well as the Baltic, Burton Ale production took off. Peter the Great and Empress Catherine were both well known Burton Ale lovers.

The IPA was born in Burton-On-trent. As well as the Bitter, Best Bitter & the ESB. All English Pale Ales have Burton-On-Trent and the Burton Ale to thank.

Taste a bit of history.




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